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:Gypsy Scale


Gypsy Scale

This lecture is the Gypsy scale. Gypsy scale is the Phrygian dominant scale (or Harmonic minor scale perfect 5th below) with a raised 7th, and also called Double harmonic scale, or Persian scale.

Gypsy scale consists of following notes.

Gypsy scale and Phrygian dominant scale
  C   D   E F   G   A   B
Gypsy scale          
Harmonic Minor Perfect 5th Below
(Phrygian Dominant Scale)

Let's listen to the sample song using the Gypsy scale.

gypsy scale
Mode-like Gypsy Scale

An interval which consists one and half step appears two times. and that makes the sound.

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The scale which is difficult to handle

Because of lack of modern tonality, Gypsy scale seems really suited to mode-like music. In case of using this scale for modern music, some adjustments may be required.

Let's listen to the song using the Gypsy scale with an adjustment to the tonality.

The sound has changed dramatically.

If you raise the 7th note of the Gypsy scale, it becomes a Phrygian dominat scale. But this is big difference. Each semitone has its own life.